Terms and Conditions
1. Introduction.

a. Please read the terms and conditions of the site. To use the site CasinoMantraOnline user shall comply with the stated in the general conditions of this document and with the determinations required for Responsible Gaming, Legislation, Security and Privacy. If you do not accept the rules described here, we suggest that you do not become a customer of the site. The CasinoMantraOnline is not directly linked to MantraGroup ventures, that licenses its brand for MANTRA REWARDS Loyalty Program

b. All Terms and Conditions apply to bets made at the web or mobile version in the environment of CasinoMantraOnline.

c. The CasinoMantraOnline may make changes in the rules at any time, according to which it becomes necessary. We request that you frequently check the regulations for preventing cheating.

d. The user authorizes the CasinoMantraOnline to offer their data to the duly authorized business partners, so they can provide their services. Business partners must agree to our privacy policy through a formal agreement.

e. Data provided to the site CasinoMantraOnline will be recorded in our database, making it possible to use it at any time, even after the closing of an account.

f. References to "you", "user" or "customer" refers to any person accessing or using the site CasinoMantraOnline, its sub-domains or applications.

g. The CasinoMantraOnline is a member of the CIGA- Curacao Internet Gaming Association, which establishes the requirements for Gambling License. The number of Gambling License is: 8048 / JAZ.

2. Register

a. The use of CasinoMantraOnline and of all its extensions is forbidden for people under 18.

b. The CasinoMantraOnline may require identity documentation and/or residence receipt in order to confirm user’s age.

c. All information provided by the user when registering must be accurate, complete and valid. Otherwise, the CasinoMantraOnline could request documents again, block or cancel the account, whatever considers appropriate.

d. The CasinoMantraOnline may alter or modify the login or user name chosen by the user whenever considers it inappropriate.

e. CasinoMantraOnline is up to block or withhold the payment of any awards or bonuses if the user is under 18, or if another player made bets on behalf of a minor player.

f. It is a prerequisite that users respect the jurisdictions of their countries. The CasinoMantraOnline does not accept players residing in: United States, South Africa, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Cote d'Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia , France, Georgia, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay and Uzbekistan, for legal disposal of the aforementioned countries.

g. Each user is responsible for its login, password and use of its account.

h. If a user lost, forgot, or for some other reason did not get access to the system, the CasinoMantraOnline may not offer another password. Only the user can request it and receive the new password by email.

i. If a user shares its login information with others, any alteration or fraud shall be the sole responsibility of the user. If you suspect of fraud, contact us to take security measures.

3. Considerations for the user

a. Each client can only open an account. The CasinoMantraOnline does not allow the registration of more than one account per player.

b. To maintain the security, reliability and transparency of the site, the CasinoMantraOnline reserves the right to question and deny multiple registrations from the same player, whether or not originated in the same domicile, IP or computer.

c. If there is suspicion that a user has multiple registrations, the CasinoMantraOnline will determine which documents will be requested, depending on the information of the country of residence.

d. During the process of verifying the information of the registrations, the analyzed accounts may be blocked as well as the benefits of the site (such as payment methods’ bonuses and promotions, early releases, etc.).

e. To preserve the safety of our users and to prevent fraudulent behaviors, CasinoMantraOnline may request the users copies of their identity documents, receipt of residence, receipt of payment or credit card at any time.

4. Account Closure

a. The CasinoMantraOnline reserves the right to close any account it deems suspicious, without notice.

b. If the user would like to close its account for free and spontaneous will, will have to send an email to [email protected] informing the motive and the information of the account to be closed: full name, address and number.

c. The CasinoMantraOnline strictly respects the policy of responsible gaming. If unhealthy behaviors were detected, not consistent with this policy, the account may be canceled or may be taken preventive measures.

d. The user agrees that, even after closing its account, the information shared with CasinoMantraOnline will continue in its database

5. Bonuses to know the site

a. Bonuses from promotions that does not require deposit can be received only once per user and will be credited only after receiving a call of welcome.

b. The aim of these promotions is that new users know the site and experience the games. The credits for these bonuses can not be withdrawn.

c. Bonuses to know the site are credited in just one area. You can not divide the bonus or change the bonus area.

d. Once you make your first deposit, you lose any balance that has been generated on your account from bonuses to know the site.

e. To receive bonuses to know the site is essential to have the required data completed and valid on the registration information.

f. The bonuses must be requested during the period of validity, under the conditions of validity of the promotion or offer. Bonuses from expired promotions or from previous periods will not be accredited.

g- Bonuses to meet the site are not counted as deposits

6. Promotional Bonuses

a. In order to receive a Bonus- whatever the mode you have chosen-, you must have registered and validated a CPF in your account. If missing any information associated with the account or if it is invalid for CasinoMantraOnline, the user must contact online support and provide the correct information.

b. Bonuses are calculated according to the active promotion on the site and the area at the time the deposit is released.

c. The bonus will always be credited to the user’s balance in the area in which they were generated. It is not allowed to divide the balance of credits in more than one area.

d. The deposit bonus must be requested at the time the deposit is released, before starting to use the credits. Once the user starts playing the deposit balance, loses the right to receive the corresponding bonus.

e. If the user chooses not to receive a bonus on the value of its deposit, it will lose the right to receive it later.

f. Once the bonus is released, it can not be modified or withdrawn.

g. They just may be removed those bonuses that have been automatically released, and the user explicitly states that he does not want them. In this case, the user must access the chat support and request for the removal of the bonuses before using the credits available in your account balance.

h. For each promotion will be set a minimum deposit to participate and get benefits. This value shall be specified in the rules of each promotion, and if it were not specified, the minimum deposit shall be deemed always $ 20.

i. The promotional value of the bonuses can not be rescued. Just the credits earned from the use of promotional bonuses could be rescued, in case Rollover was accomplished. Just for the bingo hall: the bonus will be excluded from the account when making a withdrawal.

j. Promotional bonuses have specific Rollover rules. It is essential to accomplish them to make a withdrawal. See item 10 for more information about rollover.

k. If Rollover rules were not specified in the conditions of a promotion, it will be x10.

l. Promotions are not cumulative. If the user is eligible for more than one promotion, will have to pick just one when receiving the bonus.

7. Financial Policy

a. The CasinoMantraOnline reserves the right to alter its financial policies at any time without previous notice.

8. Deposits

a. The minimum deposit on the site is $ 20 or the equivalent in the currency of the account. Credits released are valid for the period of 3 (three) months.

b. If any method, for mistake or any other reason, enabled the user to deposit less than $ 20 or the equivalent in the currency of the account-it will not be considered valid to accomplish the rules of withdrawal.

c. For any deposit, the user must select the area of the site in which to have the credits available. The options are: Video Bingo, Casino and Sports.

d. When making a deposit, there must be presented the supporting documents the CasinoMantraOnline requests, in order to identify the transaction.

e. The CasinoMantraOnline use financial intermediaries to transact with the required security. Each payment processor sets its deadlines and rules for the operations. The CasinoMantraOnline is not responsible for these deadlines or rules or for any delay that may be generated during this process.

f. The CasinoMantraOnline can release credits in advance for some payment processors, following the procedure established by the service provider. At any time during the analysis and validation, the CasinoMantraOnline may request the user copy of its identity documents, receipt of residence, receipt of payment or credit card.

g. The early release of credit is an individual limit value calculated by the system based on the flow of deposits and based on the financial history and user’s behavior.

h. The limit value of the release can not be modified manually. In case the user wants to increase this limit, must send an email with the request to [email protected]

i. The CasinoMantraOnline is not responsible for the decisions of the payment processors. The supplier may not enable the service to some users if so wanted, and CasinoMantraOnline may not intervene in these decisions.

j. If a user has pending payments, any income generated after the consolidation of the debt - whatever its origin or destiny- , will be accounted to settle the oldest pending payment.

k. Deposits identified or suspects of fraud would not be accepted or reverted. All profits from this type of procedure will be canceled unconditionally, being able to restrict or even cancel the user’s account.

l. For deposits made by credit card, the description HORSETACK GS will be shown on the invoice from the credit card user. This description may change. In any case of doubt regarding your purchase contact [email protected]

9. Withdrawals

a. For any withdrawal the user must necessarily submit a legible copy of the documents the CasinoMantraOnline requests. The documents required depend on the country of residence of the user and will include: identity documentation and receipt of residence.

b. Users must verify all the information provided (document numbers and bank account information) are complete and correct, to avoid delays in the payment of withdrawals. The company is not responsible for the delay in payment of a withdrawal if it was linked to omissions or errors in the personal or the banking information of the user.

c. In order to make a withdrawal, you should have made at least a minimum single deposit of $ 20 (in the past 30 days) in the area in which the withdrawal was requested, and that value should be played at least one will apply a penalty of 30% of the value not yet played of the requested withdrawals. This value will be removed due to processing costs.

d. If for any mistake a method enables the realization of a deposit lower than $ 20 or its equivalent in the currency of the account, this will not be considered valid for CasinoMantraOnline and may be rejected the requested withdrawal.

e. The CasinoMantraOnline use financial intermediaries to transact with the required security. Each payment processor sets its deadlines and rules for the operations. The CasinoMantraOnline is not responsible for these deadlines and rules, nor for any delay that may be generated during the process.

f. The withdrawal way and procedure is determined by the CasinoMantraOnline. Payment will be made exclusively by bank transfer through any of the authorized banks, and that is available for the country of residence of the user.

g. For those countries without authorized bank transfers, payments will be made through Neteller and Entropay in US dollars. The payment will kick making the conversion as the quote of the day. The deadline is 30 working days from the approval of the documents received by the CasinoMantraOnline.

h. Withdrawal will not be paid to thirds. Withdrawals are confirmed and paid just to the owner of the account.

i. Withdrawals authorized to be paid by bank transfer have a maximum delay of 4 working days, when the amount is up to $ 5,000. This period is counted from the approval of the documents received by the CasinoMantraOnline.

j. Withdrawals authorized to be paid by bank transfer have a maximum delay of 10 working days, when the amount is over $ 5,000. This period is counted from the approval of the documents received by the CasinoMantraOnline.

k. The CasinoMantraOnline uses verification software to analyze each user account for each withdrawal request. In case it is detected any fraudulent behavior or the credits came from system errors, the account will be blocked and the withdrawal will not be made. The CasinoMantraOnline reserves the right to determine the measures it deems necessary to prevent such behavior.

l. The user agrees that withdrawals will be made only if all deposits have been successfully validated by the CasinoMantraOnline.

m. Any withdrawal may be canceled if there is any open deposit (not consolidated) in your account. Any withdrawal may be canceled if it is less or equal to 100, regardless of the currency.

n. Only for Bingo Hall: when making the withdrawal, it will be removed the value of the promotional bonuses earned before.

10. Rollover

a. The rollover requirement is a condition set by all online gambling sites. Rollover establishes the credit value that the user must bet, whether the credits are product of a deposit or promotional bonus. Credits earned through promotional bonuses will not be paid until the total value of the rollover provided on the rules of the promotion is accomplished.

b. Some examples:
Example 1 Deposit $ 100
Earn a bonus of 100% (3x rollover) on deposit = $ 100.
Rollover to comply will be: $ 600. ($ 100 deposit + $ 100 Bonus) x3
Example 2 Deposit $ 50
Earn a bonus of 50% (rollover x5) on the deposit = $ 25
Rollover to comply will be: $ 375. ($ 50 deposit + $ 25 bonus) x5

c.The minimum rollover for all the deposits involved in any promotion is calculated by adding the bonus awarded the deposited value, and multiplying that result by the number of rollover given on the promotion. d. To remove credits earned during moves made to bonds, you must meet the rollover rules apply to each promotion.

d.To withdraw credits earned during plays made with bonuses, you must accomplish the rollover rules apply to each promotion.

e.The CasinoMantraonline understands that if the balance drops below the minimum bet of the area, the rollover is automatically void. Therefore, the user must access the support chat and request the pending rollover to be removed.

f. Bets made on games from the Casino area shall not be counted in calculating the rollover to be performed by each user, and therefore, these bets will not serve either for compliance of necessary requirements for making withdrawals nor for compliance of promotions ‘rules.

g.This rule applies to the following games from the Casino area: Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker.

h. The opposing bets on sports are not valid for the rollover. Example, Player A x Player B x, a bet on each in the same market. Team A x Team B x, a bet on Over 1.5 and another on Under 1. In this kind of betting, only the first bet made by the player will be considered.

i. Any bet made in markets that may have cancellation (eg Drawno and Asian HandCap DrawnoBet) are not valid for the rollover.

j. The system will only account the volume you bet using bonuses, when credits from deposits have been completely played.

11. System Errors

a. Any difficulty, difference or conflict regarding a bet, must be reported by the user to CasinoMantraOnline through email: [email protected]

b. Any errors caused by technical limitations of the user (including: operating system, software, browser, internet connection speed, ISP, computer hardware, etc.), will be the sole responsibility of the user and not CasinoMantraOnline.

c. The company reserves the right to declare void all bets that were consequence of system errors, and even reserves the right to withdraw money from the account of the user affected by the system error. Malfunction voids all plays games and prizes.

12. Game areas

a. CasinoMantraOnline has 4 areas: Video Bingo, Bingo Hall, Casino and Sportive Bets.

b. In order to avoid and prevent fraudulent movements, in addition to protecting the security of our users' accounts, the CasinoMantraOnline does not allow credit transfers between areas. When making a deposit, you must carefully choose the area you want to get the credits in, because then it will not be possible to transfer them to another area.

c. If a deposit is made by mistake in a different area than the desired, the user must contact our online support so the corresponding department analyzes the requirement. Each case will be analyzed individually to ascertain the reasons for the request, and to approve or not the transfer as an exception.

14. Mobile Games

a. The games available on the mobile version of CasinoMantraOnline were programmed using the modern language of HTML5 programming. This language may cause that not all users view games the same way. There may be some differences or particular difficulties according to the interpretation of this language.

15. Responsible Gaming

a. Most people play for fun and entertainment, but for some it can become a problem. To prevent this from happening, the CasinoMantraOnline policy strictly respects its policy of responsible gaming. Considering that our main goal is to provide entertainment, CasinoMAntraOnline states the following measures:

- Limit release;
- Betting Limits;
-  Auto-limitation and self-exclusion;
- Prohibition for people under 18;
- Country restrictions

16. Forum

a. After confirming your account you agree to these rules and to the fact the use of services CasinoMantraOnline will be regulated under the laws of the Netherlands Antilles. b. You agree that for the resolution of disputes in courts, administrative authorities and other relevant organizations will be those present in the Netherlands Antilles. These organisms will have exclusive competence in all disputes that may arise, refer or are related to the use of the CasinoMantraOnline. c. Litigation from the non-fulfillment of this contract of adhesion will be solved by the Conciliation Arbitrary Chambers of International Arbitration, attached to the New York Convention of 1958.

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