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Game Information Brazil's Wonders Bingo

Brazil's Wonders Bingo

Brazil's Wonders Bingo Come and be a tourist at Brazil's Wonders Bingo.
In this incredible machine you choose your favorite landscape and have a lot of fun!
That's right, choose which region of Brazil you want to travel to and win many awards.
Compete for 12 different prizes and 1 accumulated and over 12 extra balls.
Awesome graphics and fun to watch await you!
Brazil's Wonders Bingo

How to play Brazil's Wonders Bingo

Brazil's Wonders Bingo is a bingo game where 4 cards are randomly assigned 33 normal balls plus 12 extra balls.
In this game you compete in 12 different awards and 1 cumulative jackpot.
You can play with coins of 5, 10 and 25 cents.
Choose one of the cities or regions of Brazil where you want to play and be engaged by the musical climate of the region chosen.
Enjoy special and sound effects in an engaging and tasty game to play.

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